This site will never cease to be in perpetual deconstruction. It consists primarily of Samuel Weber tidbits (assembled by DJ Vu) that might otherwise be largely forgotten or inaccessible. As the site develops, it may be organized in a more detailed manner (unpublished texts, recommended readings etc). For the time being, however, these materials are presented tel quel. Comments and suggestions are invited and can be sent by clicking on the email address below.

Please take note of these three volumes devoted to the work of Sam Weber:

  Gary Hall ed., Experimenting: Essays with Samuel Weber, Fordham University Press 2007

    Simon Morgan Wortham, Samuel Weber: Acts of Reading, London: Ashgate 2003

     Andrew McNamara and Peter Krapp, eds., Medium Cool (South Atlantic Quarterly 101:3: 2002)

        [Read a review of Medium Cool in Media & Narrative, a Belgian on-line journal, at]


  • Displacing the Body: The Question of Digital Democracy

  • Wilde Kriege des Friedens. Zerstörung und Zerstreuung: zwei Aspekte der Macht

  • "Vor Ort: Theater im Zeitalter der Medien"

  • "The Greatest Thing of All," The Virtual Reality of Theater

  • "Being Prepared," paper delivered at the Beyond Baroque bookstore and cultural LEFT, July, 1996

  • "The Future Campus": The Idea of the University

  • "Einmal ist Keinmal: Das Wiederholbare und das Singuläre," delivered at the DFG-Conference "Poststrukturalismus", autumn 1995, Marbach, Germany

  • "Gespräch mit Samuel Weber", Kassel: "Konfigurationen. Zwischen Kunst und Medien", 6. September 1997

        The Legend of Freud, 2nd edition

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