Here are a few video clips with German audio. More, and in higher resolution, can be found on the documenta X CD-Rom "Konfigurationen zwischen Absturz und Wirklichkeit", in G-C. Tholen ed., Konfigurationen zwischen Kunst und Medien. Munich: Fink 1998. - Does this voice need a copyright? Will the central role of the close-up on a face ever be broken up in media discourse? For what they are worth, the three quicktime clips offered here, recorded in summer 1997, weren filtered through MediaCleaner and Quicktime Pro to make them web-viable, and they come to you through my javascript TV set. If your browser is not javascript-enabled, you will not be able to stimulate your critical senses (t)here - please come back.


Hydravision Presents: Sam Weber

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Please note that until further notice, clicking on GO will open a new window, because at this stage I provide neither alternate data-rates nor poster-movies for streaming content; in the future, I may add captions. The videos are 287k, 629k, and 1099k respectively - so beware the bandwidth. This is a only a test... this is not an emergency broadcast... this is only a test...


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