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Jacques Derrida's Glas (1974) may be one of his most important and yet least read publications. We were gearing up for its 25th anniversary when I started this site, started a reading group, and began to research publications on Genet, Hegel, and Derrida. Glas, variously described as "Derrida's chef d'oeuvre", "Derrida's hypertext", or "a Fleurs du Mal of philosophy", makes the boundaries between 'coupure' and 'crochet', digest and vomit, philosophy and literature, book and electronic media tremble. This online forum dedicated entirely to Glas which began with a small reading group in Konstanz, Germany, has grown, over the course of the past two years, into an extended and refurbished documentation of inroads and commentary - but that does not mean Glas is now being read.
      This site is part of the Hydra which moved with me from Konstanz to Santa Barbara and then to Minneapolis - I direct your attention also to the translation seminar conducted by the CMFT at Sussex. Unfortunately, the conference announced on these pages, to be held at Cornell University in 1999, had to be postponed indefinitely (let's say it was due to bad academic weather and somewindy promises...). Please note that due to the flagging participation and a lack of discipline on behalf of some participants, I aborted the email discussion list as of December 98. For details, browse the menu on the left.

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