Laurence Rickels Online

Rickels Two

Texts available on the internet:

  1. Gag Me With A Tune (appeared as a lead essay in artUS), PDF

  2. Metropolis, California (unpublished presentation from 1988), PDF

  3. "Mine. The accident happened, because it recurred." Victoria Vesna, ed.: Terminals (UCSB Web/CD-Rom project)

  4. The Show and Tear of Trauma Weaving.
    Real Art Ways - PSY-FI, curated by J. Anderson & Ken Weaver. and

  5. I Was There: Laurence Rickels Talking with Michel Serres and Gregory Ulmer.
    UCSB web,

  6. Silent Reading.
    Scott Watson, ed.: Larry Johnson. Vancouver: Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, The University of British Columbia, 1996. 25-32 (locally as cute2.html)

  7. Tot's Tomb.
    Laurence Rickels Online, locally as tot.html

  8. Laurence Rickels interviewed
    by Brigitte Weingart for SPEX
    Laurence Rickels Online, locally as spex.html

  9. Laurence Rickels interviewed
    by Catherine Liu for ArtForum
    Laurence Rickels Online, locally as catintro.html, cat1.html and cat2.html

  10. Be Our Guest,
    an artist's bar (and website) hosted at Umea University,

Photography by Nancy Barton

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