Laurence Arthur Rickels

University of California - Santa Barbara,

Department of Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic Studies

Santa Barbara, California  93106              

Telephone: 805-893-2131


8400 De Longpre Avenue #209

West Hollywood, California 90069

Telephone: 323-822-9706




1991 - 94           M.A.     Antioch University - Clinical Psychology

1979 - 80           Ph.D.    Princeton University - German Literature

1978 - 79                       Universität Wien            

1977 - 78           M.A.     Princeton University - German Literature

1976                             Université de Paris (Sorbonne)

1975 - 76                       Princeton University

1975                 B.A.     University of Pennsylvania - English Literature

1973 - 75           Haupt-   Freie Universität Berlin - German Literature




1972 - 73                       University of Pennsylvania



2006                             Zentrum für Literaturforschung Fellowship

2005                             Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Fellowship (Wiederaufnahme)

1998                             DAAD Short-Term Grant

1991, ’93, ’96                 Center for German & European Studies Grant, UC Berkeley

1989, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95    Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Award, UC Santa Barbara

1985 - 86, ’88, ’89          Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Research Fellowship

1984 - present                 Humanities Institute Fellow

1984                             Regents’ Junior Faculty Fellowship

1982                             Regents’ Humanities Fellowship Award

1980                             DAAD Short-Term Grant

1978 - 79                       Austrian Government Grant


1990 - present                 Professor of German and Comparative Literature, UC Santa Barbara

Designed and taught the following graduate seminars:

Art Department, UmeĆ University, Sweden – “Techno Feminism” and “The Mines of Falun: Explorations of What’s Mine”

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena – “Transhumanity” and “Devil Father Mine”

European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland – “Endopsychic Allegories” and “Devil May Sign”

UCSB – “Back to Frankfurt School,” “Aristocriticism,” “Gotta Read Goethe,” “Hegel With Shmear,” “Schiller: The Ghost Seer,”  “Ghost Media”

Designed and taught the following undergraduate courses:

Otis College of Art and Design – “Ghostbuster and Gadget Lover, the Dandy and the Vampire”

Universität zu Köln – “The Devil Lectures”

UCSB – “Satan and Dad Certainty,” “On the Superhuman,” “Psy Fi,” “Fantasy,” “The Creature”


1986 - 90                       Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, UCSB

Selected and taught various topics in psychoanalytic, deconstructive, and critical theory at the graduate level. Designed and taught undergraduate courses on “Vampirism in Literature and Beyond,” “Psycho,” “De Palma and Romero,” “Loving the Dead”


1981 - 86                       Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature, UCSB

Hired to teach theory at the graduate level, I regularly taught the “theory seminar,” each time with a focus on another complex of readings (for example the debate between Derrida and Lacan on the status of the letter in “The Purloined Letter”). Designed and taught undergraduate courses on “The Faust Tradition,” “German Expressionist Cinema,” “Fassbinder,” “Freud and Literature”


1980 - 81                       Lecturer, German Studies, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Designed and taught undergraduate seminars on “Painting in Literature” and “Peter Handke”



2003 - present                 Founding Editor of art/US

2001 - 02                       Acting Department Chair, UC Santa Barbara

2000 - 2003                    Editorial Board of Art / Text magazine

2000                             Comité international de préparation. Les Etats Généraux de la Psychanalyse.

1997 - 99                       Board of Directors, Byrd Hoffman Foundation, New York

1996 - present                 Adjunct Professor of Art Studio, UCSB

1996 - present                 Adjunct Professor of Film Studies, UCSB

1995 - present                 Founding member of the UC Psychoanalytic Consortium.

1992 - 95                       Executive Committee,  Semiotic Society of America

1989 - 97                       Advisory Committee of Summer Institute of

                                    German Language and Culture, UCSB       

1986 - 96                       Member, Film Studies Program Advisory Committee, UCSB

1991 - 93                       Elected Delegate to Assembly, Modern Language Association

1989 - 95                       Department Chair, UCSB

1990 - 92                       Adjunct Professor, College of Creative Studies, UCSB

1986 - 87                       College Committee on the Development of the

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB

1986                             Founding Member, International Initiative on Technology

                                    and the Unconscious, UC Humanities Research Institute