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The Vampire Lectures
Take a trip to Translyvania! Pan Am started out in 1972 announcing a "Package Tour with a Toothy Grin" - and British Airways followed 1974 with an even better name: "Dracula Tour"! This will be a tour of vampirism in literature and pop culture and what to make of it:

Vampirism in German Literature and Beyond

UCSB, German 182: Fall 1999
    Published by the University of Minnesota Press, The Vampire Lectures by Laurence Rickels - order it now from or from Barnes and Noble.
    On this site, you can preview the contents pages of the book, browse some out-stakes, out-fakes, or out-takes, then contextualize the book in the broader perspective of Rickels' work, or take a trivia test to see if you are ready for the big Rickels event of the fall - please make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser, then continue to the online survey. Oh, and I hope you listened to Anne Rice's recommendation of the Vampire Lectures on her answering machine! If not, you may do so now.
    See the website of the press at the University of Minnesota, who published the book. Then, if you want to brush up on the classic, stay online and read the entire novel Dracula by Bram Stoker online. But first, you should explore what there is to know in advance about The Vampire Lectures: enter of your own free will...

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