Nicholas Royle, ed.: _Afterwords_
SF, Tampere: Outside Books 1992
(Tampere English Studies 1). 196ff.:

A letter to Jacques Derrida

Nicholas Royle

(The following is the text of a letter which was transmitted, via Geoffrey Bennington and his Zenith laptop, to Jacques Derrida in Paris at the end of July 1990. As may be evident from its title and form, it is hardly a letter but rather a haphazard series of tentative questions and suggestions, one or some of which it was hoped might elicit a response. Derrida's reply, 'Afterw.rds', was sent with a covering note dated 15 September 1990. It is published here in English, Finnish and French.)

Afterword by JD: Some thoughts and possible suggestions.

Could be entitled 'Afterword', or 'Afterwords'? (Or 'After Words' or 'Afterwards'??)

What is an afterword?
Can deconstruction have an afterword?
What is the time of an afterword? And place?
Might it be possible to suggest that there is only 'afterword'?
And that the time and place of an afterword, this afterword, could be identified with the time and place of 'deconstruction in Finland'?

Lettre de Jacques Derrida

( translated by Geoff Bennington - kääntänyt Outi Pasanen )

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