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Encyclopedia Britannica Online (the folks who gave this site here a one-star rating about a decade ago) has just reiterated that it considers this site the web's best when it comes to Derrida (Mon, 16 Oct 2006).

The University of Florida hosts a conference called "'Who?' or 'What?' - Jacques Derrida", Oct 9-11, featuring Hélène Cixous, Peggy Kamuf, and Geoffrey Bennington, as well as a public reading of an unpublished seminar text by Jacques Derrida: "The Concept of Comparative Literature and the Theoretical Problems of Translation."

Also in October 2006, Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature, at the University of Manitoba in Canada, hosts an interdisciplinary conference called Following Derrida: Legacies, featuring Catherine Malabou, Rodolphe Gasché, and Michael Naas.

Farsi subtitles to the film DERRIDA for download here, courtesy of Shayan Shahand: click for more information. (Some people report that this link is not working - please get this file, and remove the .txt at the end.)

The German Law Journal, a Review of Developments in German, European & International Jurisprudence, presents a special issue dedicated to Jacques Derrida, comprising 200 pages of original contributions by 18 authors, including Simon Critchley, Drucilla Cornell, and Elisabeth Weber.

Birkbeck College, London runs a Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (headed by Donna Dickenson and Slavoj Zizek); their inaugural lecture series honored the life and work of Jacques Derrida.

If you published a print review of a text by Derrida in a language other than English, please consider sending it if you retain the rights to your piece: I may re-post it on this site.

Anyone who wants to volunteer translating these short pieces into other languages, please go ahead and send me your translations; here is a review (in German) of Derrida's Some Statements and Truisms... by Georg Stanitzek, which originally appeared in Texte zur Kunst, Nr. 28, 7. Jg., 1997, 117-119.

After the recently updated bibliographies, the most popular pages here are still the Obituaries, and the website FAQ.

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