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Encyclopedia Britannica Online (the folks who gave this site here a star rating about a decade ago) considered this site the web's best when it comes to Derrida (Mon, 16 Oct 2006).

Farsi subtitles to the film DERRIDA for download here, courtesy of Shayan Shahand: click for more information. (Some people report that this link is not working - please get this file, and remove the .txt at the end.)

The German Law Journal, a Review of Developments in German, European & International Jurisprudence, offered a special issue dedicated to Jacques Derrida, comprising 200 pages of original contributions by 18 authors, including Simon Critchley, Drucilla Cornell, and Elisabeth Weber.

Birkbeck College, London Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities inaugural lecture series honored the life and work of Jacques Derrida.

If you published a print review of a text by Derrida in a language other than English, please consider sending it if you retain the rights to your piece: I may re-post it on this site.

Anyone who wants to volunteer translating these short pieces into other languages, please go ahead and send me your translations.

After the bibliographies, the most popular pages here are the Obituaries, and the FAQ.

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Encyclopedia Britannica One-Star rating

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