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You'd be surprised - there's at least one strange request per week, from all over the world, and I don't have time to answer them all. So here's a FAQ:

  • No, I am not Jacques Derrida.
  • No, I am not Derrida's ghostwriter either.
  • No, I cannot send you this or that book of his, or copy pages for you.
  • No, he does not do email.
  • No, I cannot help you write a term paper.
  • No, I cannot help you find this quote before the deadline.
  • No, I cannot guarantee Derrida will attend your conference.
  • No, I cannot give out his address/phone/fax.
  • No, Derrida will not review/sign/quote/buy your book/essay/picture...
  • No, I don't know any good Derrida jokes.
  • No, I will not post your writings on this site.
  • No, I am not paid by anyone for this site.

  • Yes, Derrida knows about this site.
  • Yes, Derrida has provided material for this site.
  • Yes, there is pop music about Derrida.
  • Yes, there are comics about Derrida.
  • Yes, there are Derrida cartoons. I know.
  • Yes, I have some Derrida audio clips up.
  • Yes, I have some Derrida video clips too.
  • Yes, I know his work is controversial to some people.
  • Yes, I know the site is not up to the minute.
  • Yes, I do try to add information (about every other month).
  • Yes, I do have help from people - not all email I get is complaints...

That's it folks - one day, when I sort out the options for putting out a site from my over 20 megabytes of email about this site, I will have a lot of fun documenting the sad, funny, stupid, and just plain weird things I keep getting... So if anyone has a solution for this (preferably something simpler than building a bespoke python script mind you) I am listening!

Updated November 10, 2003
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