Bibliography of Video and Audio Material

Jacques Derrida

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Film and Video

  • "L'Appel du Silence"
    directed by Phillippe Alfonsi, broadcast 1. December 1983
    on 'Résistances' (art against apartheid), Antenne 2, France

  • "Ghost Dance"
    produced, written and directed by Ken McMullen
    Looseyard Production for Channel 4 and ZDF, 1984
    (made for TV movie, 100 minutes)

  • "Trialogue in Jerusalem"
    Wolfgang Iser and Geoffrey Hartman in conversation with Derrida
    at the Mishkenot Sha'ananim, 1986 in Jerusalem (video, 60 minutes)

  • "Caryl Chessman, l'ecriture contre la mort"
    directed by Jean-Christophe Rosé; produced by I.N.A. for TF 1, 1987
    (documentary, 57 minutes)

  • "Big Words... Small Worlds"
    conference documentary, University of Strathclyde('The Linguistics of Writing', 4.-6. June 1986) broadcast on Channel 4, 22. November 1987

  • "Jacques Derrida, Deconstruction in Art and Architecture"
    interview with Christopher Norris, edited and directed by Marcus Latham
    in conjunction with the International Symposium on Deconstruction,
    Clore Gallery, London, 26. March 1988

  • "Réflexions faites: Jacques Derrida"
    film by Didier Eribon, directed by Phillippe Collin, GMT Productions
    (with Geoff Bennington, Helène Cixous, René Major, Gérard Titus-Carmel, Gianni Vattimo)
    La Sept en cassettes. Paris: Scherzo, 1990 (roundtable)

  • "The Late Show"
    roundtable discussing the work of Roland Barthes
    BBC broadcast on 5. April 1990

  • "Disturbances (among the jars)"
    video installation by Gary Hill, 'Passage de l'image'
    featuring Jacques Derrida as one of the readers
    Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou 1990

  • "Les Grands Entretiens: Jacques Derrida"
    by A. Spire, with M. Field and Pierre Pachet. Paris: Socam Video, 1991 (interview)

  • "Architecture et déconstruction"
    with Asada Arata and Isozaki Arata. Tokyo. NH4, 1992 (interview)

  • "Interview"
    with Alan Montefiore (Oxford Amnesty Lectures, 13. February 1992).
    Broadcast by Channel Four

  • "Filosofía y deconstrucción"
    (interview with J.M. Ripalda, C. Peretti, P. Vidarte) Programación TV
    Educativa 96/97. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid), 1997

  • Lara Fitzgerald, "Memoire Moire des souvenirs",
    film on Helene Cixous, in French with English subtitles, 55 minutes. Canada 1998

  • Derrida at Sussex (1999), courtesy of Geoffrey Bennington
    - Note: the Hydra, right here, offers a compressed Quicktime version online (47MB, streaming)
    and a copy of the transcription by Benjamin Noys.

  • Derrida's Elsewhere (1999),
    by Safaa Fathy, Made for TV ("D'ailleurs Derrida," France/Germany: ARTE) in French.
    - Note: UCI offers a short RealVideo clip online (from Derrida's seminar on Mondialatinisation
    - the self-deconstruction of Christianity, or of the Abrahamic tradition).

  • Derrida - The Movie (2002),
    by Amy Kofman and Kirby Dick (Zeitgeist Films). 'Documentary' edited from years of fan footage.
    33-sec clip right here (3.3 MB, streaming)
    - Note: the promotional site offers a 20MB Quicktime clip.
    - Note too: courtesy of Shayan Shahand, we are happy to provide subtitles in Farsi. Some people report that this link is not working - please get this file, and remove the .txt at the end. (56kb; the user must have standard TTF persian font and in regional and language options in control panel in the advanced tab the language for non-unicode support programs must be Farsi in MS Windows XP)

    More video recordings are in the Special Collections at UC Irvine.


  • Radio and Recordings

  • "Feu la Cendre"
    cassette of Jacques Derrida and Carole Bouquet reading
    Feu la Cendre, Editions de femmes, Paris 1987

  • "Philosophical Forum"
    cassette of Jacques Derrida in discussion with GeoffreyBennington
    at the ICA, London 29. November 1987 - listen

  • "Im Grenzland der Schrift"
    radio broadcast of Jacques Derrida in discussion with Elisabeth Weber,
    Hessischer Rundfunk, 22. May 1990

  • "Interjections of Appeal"
    presentation on the occasion of the Artaud centenary,
    broadcast via internet video conferencing to Sydney, Australia 4. September 1996

  • "Perhaps or Maybe"
    2 cassettes of Jacques Derrida in discussion with AlexanderGarcia Düttmann
    at the ICA, London 8. March 1996 - listen

  • "Histoire du Mensonge: Prolégomènes"
    radio broadcast of a presentation read at the Staatsbibliothek
    Berlin (co-organized with the Einstein Forum, Potsdam)
    ca. 3 hours, translated simultaneously into German, July 9, 1996 - listen

  • Discussion avec J. Derrida, RTBF La Une (radio télévision belge francophone), jeudi 3 déc. 1998, dans l'émission : Si j'ose écrire, présenté par Dolorès Oscari.

  • Realaudio files on Radio France: one and two (make sure you have an adequate plug-in)

  • France Culture collected an archive of radio programs with and about Jacques Derrida.

    More audio recordings are in the Special Collections at UC Irvine.

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