Compare, Contrast, Discuss

First Run Film distributes a recent film about Derrida by Safaa Fathy:
Derrida's Elsewhere (1999)

film still

"We follow Derrida around his home and office, in the classroom and on his travels as he speaks of the sufferings, the challenges and the questions that have conditioned his thought since his childhood in Algeria.

The film is woven around readings from Derrida's book CIRCUMFESSION, evoking a number of seemingly disparate themes including hospitality, religion, sexuality and the place of the subject in philosophy. Derrida shows us the common thread he perceives running though them: responsibility. Incorporating related imagery, DERRIDA'S ELSEWHERE uses footage of the places Derrida knew in his childhood and adolescence in Algeria, photos of his life there, super-8 footage from the 1960's and 70's, and images from Spain."

And how, you ask, is this different from Amy Ziering Kofman's movie?
Don't ask. Watch both.

Seen the movie? Read the book!
Get Tourner les mots: Au bord d'un film, Jacques Derrida, Safaa Fathy. Paris: Galilée 2000

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