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Seen the Woody Allen film? Bought, devoured, and sold the comic books "for beginners"? You ain't seen nothing yet. "Deconstruction" is, it seems, everywhere, and Derrida follows. In quotation marks, nota bene.

Alexander Garcia Düttmann wins the grand prize for gratuitous invocation of Derrida's name: in an appearance at Documenta X in Kassel entitled "Who is afraid of Jacques Derrida - Kulturspektakel" which had nothing whatsoever to do with Derrida or Derrida's work. With the right plugins, you can view the whole 40 minutes' rant online, http://www.mediaweb-tv.de or http://www.mediaweb-tv.com (both work).

  • Much beloved, utterly silly and now slightly dated: Scritti Politti's record, "I'm in love with Jacques Derrida". And thanks to J Christian Guerrero, here's a 782 k soundfile!

  • Less popular but no less musical: Eric Avery's trio, "Deconstruction" (American Recordings, 1994). Here are two soundfiles (238 k and 281 k, respectively), plus the lyrics and a discussion among the band members about the word Deconstruction.

  • Yet another gratuitous use of the word: "Decoded and Danced Up - The Rhythms of Deconstruction" (Deconstruction Records/RCA 1992)

  • Oil on Canvas, 1990: "Derrida queries de Man" - © 1994 by Mark Tansey (b. 1949); 83,75in x 55in, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  • Doomed by Deconstructo: "Justice League Europe" 37 (150 k), 38 (160 k) and 39 (150 k), by Gerard Jones, Ron Randall and Randy Elliott (DC Comics, 1992)

  • Toilet Humour: Steve Bell's cartoons about the Cambridge affair (The Guardian, 1992)

  • That lyrical urge: poems for Jacques Derrida
  • Carla Harryman, Vice
  • Bob Perelman, Movie
  • Rodney Jones, Pastoral for Derrida
  • Norman Dubie, The Apocrypha of Jacques Derrida
  • Barrett Watten, Under Erasure
  • Roger Laporte, Fugues
  • Parc de la Villette: Derrida's design (32 k) - Eisenman's model (180 k) - map of the area (108 k)

  • Micaela Henich's collection of 1003 india ink drawings, published under the title "Mille e tre", is accompanied by 5 writer-poet-thinkers who were asked each to write on 200 of the drawings in the series (the last three have no text). They are: Derrida, Dominique Fourcade, Michael Palmer, Tom Raworth, Jacques Roubaud. Derrida's appeared in "Mille e tre, cinq: Lignées" (published by William Blake & Co.)

  • Quote for the day: "Deconstructionalist - anything directed by someone who is under 25." Fidelis Morgan, Bluff Your Way in Theatre, Ravette Books 1986, p. 47


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